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  • You will get the highest commissions of all Education Affiliate Programs – up to $200 per sale or $18 per lead
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  • Our courses run worldwide in 9 different languages – our marketing material is carefully designed for all those markets
  • We operate schools that are affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and offer courses with or without academic credits – you will be promoting a product of academic excellence
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Choose your commission plan- Per Sale or Per Lead

Per Sale Program
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Per Lead Program
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1.5%-4% $3 per lead
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9%+ $18 per lead

We have various online courses available

From diverse Bible courses to the study of Biblical languages and Modern Hebrew, The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies consists of 17 different courses, each running for 9 months, the length of an academic year. Expert professors in each individual field lead these weekly courses, infusing their students with their passion. The program is also offered as academically accredited courses in connection with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the top 100 universities worldwide.

Named after the founders’ grandfather Aharon Rosen, the renowned Hebrew teacher, the Rosen School of Hebrew, partnering with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, offers its students the ability to learn Hebrew online. Our faculty is made up of world-class experts in Modern Hebrew, who use the Hebrew-in-Hebrew method to inspire language acquisition. The Hebrew University fully accredits all of our languages courses, so students can study for university credit, or simply for the pleasure of learning Hebrew.

Today the importance of coding can’t be underestimated, so here at Tekkie Uni, we open up this world to children who are already interested in programming. Through our online courses, designed in levels from beginners to advanced, thousands of children have learned to design and build their own games, apps and more. Tekkie Uni offers both synchronous online courses for children to learn coding from home, and an engaging programming curriculum for schools.

With world-class, education professionals, Highway to English brings our international students several levels of language learning from beginners to professional business English. Each curriculum is specially designed to guide our students through their studies with the highest level of comfort and professionalism. Our native English speaking teachers bring both enthusiasm and expertise to the virtual classroom, creating a learning environment all our students benefit from.

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