The way we pay our affiliates

Members of the eTeacher Affiliate Program are free to choose between two compensation programs: Pay-per-Sale (PPS) and Pay-per-Lead (PPL). Every affiliate’s performance is monitored by our Marketing Department, so as to ensure that you have joined the most suitable and profitable plan.

The “Pay Per Sale” (PPS) program:

Members of the PPS Program will be compensated according to their monthly sales figures. The higher the volume, the higher the commission per sale:

For 1 to 5 sales per month: $100 per sale.

For 11 to 20 sales per month: $150 per sale.

26 or more sales per month: $200 per sale.

Per Sale Program
Monthly sales Earnings per sale (CPS)
1-10 $100 per sale
11-20 $150 per sale
20+ $200 per sale

The “Pay Per Lead” (PPL) program:

According to the PPL Program, affiliate remuneration is based on the number of leads that you net each month. However, the commission earned per lead depends on the percentage of leads that are converted into sales. In other words, your compensation is based on the amount of those viewers that you enticed to fill out contact forms who ultimately buy a product:

For a conversion rate of 1-3%: $3 per lead.

For a conversion rate of 3-8%: $8 per lead.

For a conversion rate of over 8%: $18 per lead.

Per Lead Program
Monthly conversion rate (Sales/leads) Earnings per Lead (CPL)
1.5%-4% $3 per lead
4%-9% $8 per lead
9%+ $18 per lead

“Tier” program:

Aside for the money earned from your own leads and sales, you can further boost your income by recruiting others to join our Affiliate Program.

Here’s how the “Tier Program” works: If you convince a friend to become an eTeacher affiliate, you will earn $15 for every sale that your “second-tier colleague” makes.

What’s more, if that same friend then recruits someone else into the program, eTeacher will pay you $10 every time your “third-tier colleague” lands a customer. To reiterate, the “tiered income” merely supplements your commission from the PPS and PPL Programs.

Commission notification:

At the beginning of each month, all affiliates who earned commission the previous month are emailed a detailed report of their new earnings. Upon receiving this message, please send eTeacher an invoice for the stated sum, so that we can pay you for your valued services.

Minimum pay-out:

eTeacher maintains a $30 minimum pay-out policy. In other words, you will get paid after surpassing the modest sum of $30 in commissions. For instance, if an affiliate made $20 during her first month in the program and $40 the second month, eTeacher will email her the first commission notification (totaling $60) at the beginning of the third month. A notice was not sent after the initial month because the affiliate had yet to reach the $30 minimum.

The Importance of Sending an Invoice

It is essential that you send us an invoice in a timely manner , for eTeacher cannot process your payment without one. The reason behind this policy is that the Finance Department needs these invoices to compile its reports. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send an invoice for the sum that was cited in the above-mentioned “commission notification” as soon as possible.

If you aren’t sure what an invoice is or how much you’ve earned, feel free to contact us.

How to Send an Invoice

You can simply email the invoice to

Getting Paid

Upon receiving your invoice, eTeacher processes the document and renders payment no later than the beginning of the following month (about a month after the invoice is sent to us). You will be paid in one of the following ways:

Bank Transfer

To execute a bank transfer, we will need the following details:


eTeacher encourages affiliates to use PayPal, for this is the most efficient method available. All we need is your PayPal Account.

To open a PayPal account, click here.